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Last dinner in Europe, I find it somehow perfect that my last dinner in Europe, Paris is French Fries, white beer and ketchup with Dijon mustard…. Fuck you haute cuisine !!!!

Last dinner in Europe, I find it somehow perfect that my last dinner in Europe, Paris is French Fries, white beer and ketchup with Dijon mustard…. Fuck you haute cuisine !!!!

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At the Baltic Sea beach with my daughter! A fine damn day!

At the Baltic Sea beach with my daughter! A fine damn day!

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I never really imagined that my daughter would be any place but nearbye. That I would be the doting grandmother and support for her that I have been to her as a child through the dance lessons, singing recitals, school projects, grads, parties, heart breaks etc…..

Well, I guess you never really know…. Last night met her boyfriend’s parents and had a lovely bike ride and dinner at their beautiful home outside of Hamburg. I saw what is likely the reality, another woman will be there close to fuss over the potential grand children, while I may be an exotic foreigner who arrives only now and then.

I really liked his parents, we had a fun evening despite language differences. Our eyes met deeply several times…… I’m okay with it, I’ve let go. All I am is happy for her and excited about opportunities this will bring for our family, travel, a place in Greece maybe to spend summers ….. It’s all gonna work out.

Excited to get home Monday ! Fingers crossed bf’s arms are there to greet me and my little dog survived two weeks at Puppy Love dog jail.

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Hamburg with the female offspring ….. So proud!

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How can I miss you if you don’t go away?

Boyfriend and I got to play house for only two weeks before I had to take off on this trip I had quite spontaneously signed up for in a moment feeling adventurous!

He was invited to come but chose not to and I’m so glad he made that choice. The boat was close with five sharing a bathroom. The guys I am traveling with are awesome, but it’s like traveling with two gay guys who aren’t gay, watch their Euros and all in all are great but I know wouldn’t have worked with bf too.

Anyway, fingers crossed he’s still their when I get back! He choose a week long old timers golf, hockey, baseball thingie up island to expand his male friendships and get organized for winter hockey in town…. I think it’s perfect!

He’s texting etc and I do miss him despite all the stimulation of travel. I’m not a good tourist, I’m full if haute cuisine, wine, cheese, bread, museums, galleries and intelligent convo!

Would rather snuggle at the beach and eat salad!

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Planes, trains, automobiles, buses and feet…..will be happy to return to my boyfriend’s arms !!! Five more days!!! Looking forward to seeing my daughter in hamburg tomorrow …. In Beaune France right now after six nights on the canals of the Loire between Genelard and Roane.

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My trip so far, Lyon France, the “boys”, dead lovers at the Beaux Art museum and boyfriend sending me off….lucky I’ll be home in two weeks! Crazy chick and her lovely life

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Ooooo lala

I am very very happy and my life is full of love and adventure! This means my tumblr posting had dried up until my routine settles.

Suffice to say right now I’m in France with two men who aren’t my boyfriend? Boyfriend is at home (our home) and it was a good choice for him not to join me in this trip. You couldn’t make this stuff up! These guys are great, but adding in a lovebird….. Nope.

The love nest is awesome, all is well pictures follow! Love you guys

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This is it!

He’s here! He’s moving in, eight months to the day from when we met. Lucky I am a risk taker.

I feel so grateful for the journey that has brought me to this day.

This is what we both want.

Happy summer solstice 2014.

Peace out! Xoxo

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sunday seven……there was an old woman who lived in a shoe….

Here is my first tumblr missive typed on my pc from home….wooot.

1. Move is DONE LIKE DINNER….my new office in the room formerly known as the daughter’s bedroom is awesome… proud.

2. have downsized now the fourth time, from the whole half of a building with 20 staff to a single room with all my files in one small drawer….so impressed with myself.

3. played croquet and did yoga today and finished the final details of the move, like moving a filing cabinet into storage all by myself…. the mover’s rolly cart is best purchase of my entire life.

4. partied last night with friends, beer and anjeo tequila….and lots of good food, walked home alone in the dark about 5 km along the seashore, it was awesome with the full moon shining down on me….so many changes this week… i staggered a bit, but didn’t fall….whew

5. BF is moving here next weekend, let the playing of “house” commence, I am 99% sure its gonna happen, always steeling myself for the sudden change  of mind which is totally brought on by my insecurities.

6. I feel pretty good, its been a big week, bye bye to daughter, bye bye to downtown trendy spot office, bye bye to lots more material goods and hello to my next era.

7. living the dream, home office and music studio right here, right now, right where I am sitting, holy crap and I may be a couple next week to boot……quick back to yoga….to properly thank the universe.

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