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Haves and have nots…..

I have……

1. Slept with two guys at once, funny experience, I got left out feelings! Damn!
2. Smoked pot, done mushrooms, and went through a cocain winter….until I realized coke’s severely bad effect on my mental health
3. Cheated on partner number one, and number two, but not number three.
4. A dreadful shyness around men that I find attractive, hence giving up….not a lot of point to even trying.
5. Find flirtation impossible to muster and really dislike super flirtatious women. Flirtatious guys are flakey to me, unless they only flirt with me, hate competition because I have no confidence.
6. I have zero libido, great eh?
7. Zero confidence around men and 100% confidence in my technical field……great.
8. No hope of succeeding in the middle aged singles meat market
9. the ability to enjoy my own company for long periods of time.
10. Lived 31 years as a coupled person and 9 years solo, I am by nature one that prefers a mate, which is why I feel sad as I write all this shit.

I have not….
1. Had sex in a year, except with my ex briefly in October when he wanted to reconcile, he was just horny ….
2. Probably ever really been in love, because I don’t think I really know what love is except the love I feel for my kids
3. Truly, really Loved myself until the past year. Thank you yoga
4. Had sex with a black man, brown man or yellow man….hmmmm
5. Ever had sex with anyone more than two years younger than me
6. Had sex in an aircraft
7. Killed anyone or anything except flying insects, and rarely do I do that
8. Hiked extensively on a trail, because imalways worked in the wilderness…hmmm
9. Been on a dating site for six months
10. Been on a date in three months…

Meh…this whole exercise is depressing, I’d rather write about how great yoga makes me feel!

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