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The morning after……give your head a shake

My beloved meetup group seems to have turned into a couples club, all the interesting fellows have coupled up with someone in the group. It’s putting me off, there are several reasons for that. First and foremost none of the guys I liked picked me. They all pick those mousy girls with limp brown hair, largish asses and quiet demeanors. That ain’t me. I am adored by lots of guys, mousy guys, short in stature, with belly fat and bad shoes and lack luster demeanor. Second, the couples thing puts me off. What I liked about that group was that it WAS NOT a singles or couples group, it was a friends group.

The past seventy two hours has been a real mental twist up for me. I am left feeling like I want to reconcile with the ex, or move to BBA’s English garden. Once again crystal ball cloudy.

Today, work, yoga, music, sleep……continue the anger releasing meditations, the gratitude, the forgiveness…..

This damn assed continual, gray, rainy, windy, west coast weather is also not helping my ennui. I have not been to yoga since Sunday and I AM feeling it.

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