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The five for Friday…..

1. float tanks, A-OK, my lord, is was awesome 90 minutes and no dwelling on the negative, just breath…..sensory deprivation rulez…dark, epsom salt water and a tightly enclosed space….I definitely am NOT anxious in confined spaces.

2. let go of the BF thing for a bit, hope he comes back into my life like we talked about, but for now…..guess I’m single again….haven’t heard from him for a week and he’s offline…..he’s got a form of PTSD after the family thing….for his sake I ain’t elaborating….pray for him.

3. going to France in July with two of the boys in my band (friends) to spend six days on a canal in a fancy Dutch renovated barge with friends of friends… cool……then its Hamburg for a bit or if daughter unit is unemployed. GREECE!!!!!! hayayayayayayaya¬†

4. had to read the riot act to clients this afternoon re picking my brain for free……sorry I charge by the hour and YOU WILL GET A BILL.

5. Yoga at 4 pm, practise is coming back getting stronger and stronger plus taking electrolytes first thing in the am is helping…..OMMMMM

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Friday cinque …..

1. Sun = good

2. BF is high centred in Alberta = just is

3. Daughter is a few weeks away from gone = meh

4. Playing croquet now and in a Tournament Sunday = good

5. Starving and need to go for breakfast out then back to the beach = excellent

And bonus 6. Yoga/meditation makes everything better = no mental drama

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Mugshot Monday ….. Yes I drink my water from a coffee pot, it’s yoga day gotta get those three litres in before 3 pm…. Love y’all

Mugshot Monday ….. Yes I drink my water from a coffee pot, it’s yoga day gotta get those three litres in before 3 pm…. Love y’all

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Sunday Seven

1. working today before a double yoga……back at er

2. anxiety gone, that was weird, almost like part of the end of the flu

3. had a great weekend with my daughter and son, making slow mo videos of our dog… that is frightening, I’ll post one soon

4. mr P now in Phoenix repairing his parent’s aging condo…..dealing with him, for now but not forever, is like playing “Whack a Mole” at the arcade……he pops up, just in time to show up elsewhere…..gonna walk around behind the machine and pull the plug, thus leaving one mole up to fondle…mmmmmmmm

5. this is the last winter I work this hard, or if i do it’s from someplace warm, with water near bye and I don’t have to wear clothes…..

6. there is some spooky damned stuff going on with me right now and since I believe very strongly in energetic connections, I am paying good attention….

7. three months til my work is largely done and I can lolligag around like a retired person……and the mole fondling better begin in god damned ernest…..

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five for Friday……..

1. two beer last night after ladies 8 ball night gave me a hangover…..WTF?

2. cooking dinner for my kids tonight, its special cause she’s back from europe for likely only a few months….treasure family time. its fleeting.

3. going out on the town with my bikram yoga/ dance teaching buddy, we SWEAT on that dance floor….its a sight let me tell you…..its a bikram thing, the old pores just open and FLOW!!!!

4. feeling loved and loving right now on many levels and so GRATEFUL for that.

5. five, the number of mouths enjoying fresh BC Salmon, pesto rice pasta and squash tonight.

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Viral and pasted to the couch celebrating an important anniversary

Thank heaven it’s Saturday and I am able to indulge myself a morning of feeling like crap. Even the dog isn’t bugging.

What a week, taking stock, feeling amazed and grateful.

Today is my five year anniversary of starting Bikram yoga. This has been the single most important action of my entire life (well maybe next to having kids)….

It has been a rough ride these past five years and approximately 700 90 minute moving meditations in the hot room….. But so so so worth it.

Feel like I’ve maybe dragged my sweating body and purified mind onto some new light filled plateau.

Change your mind, change your life. Incredible.

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My weekend…..

I have been on a serious “roll” since returning from Europe. Socializing, drinking, meetings boys, dancing….whooping it up. All the things my trip didn’t manifest.

I went to a party on Saturday night out at a friend’s in the country. I invited Bikram boy, but fortunately he seemed to have legitimate other plans (always expecting the “let down” the “lie”).

Soooooooo glad I went solo with my truck prepared for an over night camp out.

I had woken up sat am at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

I had body work done (Heller work, like Rolfing) at 10 am where she dug deep into the facia of my formerly frozen shoulder….it was gooooood.

Then another afternoon party with coworkers….then off to the country….

I went to bed after dancing my ass off for like six hours to the live excellent band and had so much fun totally as myself.

Thank god I didn’t have a new guy in tow. The party was a gong show, I fit right in.

Stayed up til 4 am… that meant I had been up 24 hrs on Saturday……crashed in my truck…..then drove home and worked Sunday afternoon……incredible.

Thirty day challenge starts today. Not a moment too soon.

Bikram boy says he will call me for a date……wouldn’t that just be the icing on the cake?

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A walk in the park in the dark……

Had my “walk” date with Bikram guy. I have the hots for him.

We walked for two and a half hours all along the classic “date walk” along Dallas Road. Starting with a glorious sunset and ending with a spectacular electrical storm in the pitch black in the distance.

We walked in the total darkness of the tree shrouded path, it was good.

He plays his cards close, but obviously isn’t a flake. We are the same age and both are from saskatchewan and share the same “acid fried greaser” youth experience. he hasn’t dated much or had sex since his divorce two years ago… bango bongo…..we both agree that our Bikram practice is our first love. He practices at a different studio, which relieves all awkwardness.

I got two hugs and an ask for another date on the weekend. I was ready to tear off his clothes and have sweaty yoga sex right there and then……whoa nelly whoa!

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Yoga is home!

Back to the sweat shop after five weeks of self indulgence with food and booze. It felt GREAT!

Told the studio owner that I would like him to sponsor me for teacher training in April. Woot……goals and objectives!

Thirty day challenge starts Monday.

I LOVE that practice and feel so blessed to have such an awesome studio to practice in.

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1. The Bikram guy I met on Saturday night that I danced with called! We have a “walk” date planned. YIKES. IRL meeting and date, what a concept. At least I know I won’t run upon first sight.

2. Actually feel good about getting back to work. Gotta pay for that very indulgent vacation.

3. I did come back different, my brain seems to work better, I am relaxed and at peace.

4. It’s raining and humid and my feet are not happy about getting into shoes…..first yoga tonight should be good and slimy sweating out sun screen and a month of dead skin…..hold that thought readers and have a great day! Xoxoxox

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