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I climbed the walls last night and learned…

I went climbing last night. I have only done that once or twice in the past and those times really weren’t great. I was heavier, unhappier, less confident, weaker in the hands. WELL…..this time I signed up, it was a meet up group thing, wondering how all the yoga would have changed me and my ability to heave my corpse up vertical inclines, clinging to small bits of plastic, clothed in a strange, unflattering belt. It was amazing, I scampered up walls like a squirrel on a tree. I climbed six routes, even ones with nasty backward slopes, right to the top. My legs were strong, my hands like powerful claws, my mind fully present in the moment, my body lithe, flexible and I loved the heights. It was challenging and rewarding. When it got hard, giving up just was not an option. I was impressed with myself, this is a new me.

I, of course, attribute this 100% to yoga.

In class a few days ago the instructor said something that brought me to tears, because it is so true. “gradually, with practice, you will loose the things that do not serve you”. Yikes, first the fat, second the pot smoking, third the husband, fourth, the alcohol, fifth….what the hell is next? Will it be the longing for a man in my life? OMG am I destined to be one of those glowing old ladies alone, no man….perkily getting through life….sigh.

Oh well, I did do great with the climbing, I am strong and fearless.

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