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Bombay blue sapphire gin soaked bing cherries…

Yep, home alone, always an adventure. I froze a ton of cherries this summer. For my picnic yesterday I threw some cherries into a heel of gin all classy in a margarine container . We ate some cherries, but most came home and ended in the fridge. Today, whilst luxuriating in my new floor length empress hotel bathrobe, I decided to taste the cherry soaked gin….BAM….the bing martini….it was outstanding…….SO….I am making cherry gin, loaded a mason jar with cherries and covered it with my favorite gin and stowed it in the back of the fridge….will there be cherry martinis on my new patio down the road?

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upside down photos… little land of discovery

OK, i think that if i hold the ipad upside down, the photos will turn out right side up….oh goody… something to do tonight….

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