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My god, how did I get here?

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Well they call it Rainy Monday….

A classic blues song!

Fortunately on this gray Monday I feel pretty neutral, I love puttering around the house, wasting time with dishes, laundry, tidy up, dog walking….on many levels I am a very very simple person……

New favourite song, “goodbye to Love” tony Curtis…. A reggae song, not a 50’s song…

I feel very still and content today….good, I like this state of mind, or at least of “no mind”

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Infrared yoga heaters rule!

First workout in the new studio. A technical marvel! I love the infrared heaters and the oxygen air flow system. Usually i practice in the evening and if I go in the am I am as stiff as a board, however even at 8am today, it was wonderful, not stiff. I think the infrared heats up your “meat” directly and it seems to be better. The air breathes cool, but your body is hot and the sweat pours off….

My body and mind love the yoga so much! It is like taking a great big happy pill! Ahhhhh….

The mirrors are different too, I saw myself clearly from the back. I always thought that I had a large butt and old nasty wobbly thighs…..not the case. I am ripped. Wow!

Okay matchmaker lady bring em on! The old broad actually looks good! This helps my confidence a lot. Not that ego should be running the ship….opps.

Today is Canada Day, the street will fill with revelers around four, think that I will park myself at the Oyster on the patio and watch and drink wine and eat fish tacos again…..yeah I know that I am in a rut.


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